Dermalogica Barrier Repair 30ml

Suitable for mature or prematurely-aging skin.

dermalogica barrier repairDermalogica Power Rich is a potent dermalogica moisturising treatment that stimulates collagen production, helping to increase firmness and elasticity. A blend of multivitamins and active botanicals that includes Red Seaweed, Rice Extract, Soy Protein Phytoestrogens, Kukui Nut and Licorice hydrates, exfoliates and helps reverse the signs of premature aging.

Power Rich Benefits

  • Treats the most common concerns associated with changing or aging skin.

  • Stimulates cell renewal, enhances cell turnover, treats prematurely-aging skin and reinforces the skin's ability to combat dehydration.

    Dermalogica Barrier Repair 30ml

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    How to Use Barrier Repair

    • Following the application of Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist, apply a small amount of Barrier Repair over face and throat with light, upward strokes.

    How Dermalogica Barrier Repair Works

    Shea Butter, Vitamin C and Bisabolol combat free radicals and moisture loss, Evening Primrose and Silicones strengthen the skin's natural lipid barrier, helping to prevent future assualt, while Dermalogica's Anti.

    Dermalogica Skin Care

    dermalogica onlineDermalogica is a simple, serious and unique skin care system that delivers effective results in the minimum amount of time.

    Dermalogica is a professionally recommended skin care system that is used around the world in professional skin care salons, beauty centres and day spas.

    Dermalogica was researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, considered to be the foremost training centre for postgraduate professional skin care and body therapy.

    Dermalogica was created in response to the professional demand for highly active products that work in a simple and effective manner.

    Dermalogica make a commitment to your skin health by not using mineral oil, lanolin, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, s.d.alcohol, or formaldehyde in any of there formulations.

    Dermalogica skin care is non comedogenic, does not test on animals and uses contamination free packaging.

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