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inikaInika mineral makeup is a certified organic mineral makeup that’s available in Australia and now available at Reflections. It’s a luxurious natural cosmetics brand that is also made in Australia (apparently the eyeliners are made elsewhere).

The mineral make up range consists of lip whips, lip liners, lipsticks, mascaras, eye make up remover, eyeliner, brow pencils, mineral eye shadow, blusher, highlighter, concealer, bronzer, primer, mineral foundation and even a certified organic liquid mineral foundation and the mineral range has been nominated for lots of prestigious beauty awards.

inikaAll the products are 100% certified vegan, certified halal and certified cruelty free. Plus over half of the products are certified organic. You will find they have a fabulous wide selection of seasonal fashion and cosmetic trend colours, so you will never be without a colour that you need.

The company was founded on the principle that natural make up can be both pure and safe but also give you a fantastic performance mineral make up that not only is very light weight, when you apply and wear it but it uses the purest colour pigments, has a natural built in sun protection (SPF15) and has fantastic light reflecting properties that gives you a flawless coverage and the look of healthy skin.

Miranda Bond the founder states that “Women everywhere are recognising that they no longer have to choose between using makeup that works and makeup that is free from harmful ingredients that can affect both their health and the environment".

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If you want to experience the benefits of this wonderful Mineral Makeup for yourself, just click on the images of the mineral makeup products to the right, to see the large collection of mineral makeup they have and take advantage of our special pricing.

Plus you will find this mineral makeup range does not include harsh chemicals, talc parabens, bismuth oxychloride, harmful preservatives, fillers, mineral oils, fragrance or petro chemicals.

inika mineralsAccording to Inika they say it’s the best performing natural mineral make up in the world. It feels weightless, soft-to-touch and smooth when you apply it to your skin. They even suggest that your pores do not feel clogged and how fresh your skin feels. With the use of high colour pigments, you will see how far the mineral make up goes on your skin, as just a tiny amount of minerals is needed.

There is no added fragrance or perfume, just pure minerals, in fact because of the certified organic oils used in the skin care range, which go towards benefiting your skin, it also smells great it is very uplifting. With the range being so pure and gentle, it is fabulous for women suffering with sensitivities and can be used after many facial procedures. If you are looking for a new mineral makeup range, give inika mineral make up a try, you will just love it.

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