The Risks of Using Lipstick and Glosses

Almost every woman loves using lipstick and undoubtedly have numerous colours and brands in their makeup bag. But have you ever stopped to think that wonderful stick of colour that brings your face alive could be a toxic blend of chemicals?

The lip cosmetic goes straight on the lips where it is taken in with foods and drink and licked off the lips and this in turn ends up in our digestive system and eventually into our internal organs and circulation.

Traces of lead have been found in lip-stick and lead is a neuro toxin and can affect the nerves behavioural learning and language problems and these are just a few. Even small amounts of lead over time amounts to significantly unsafe levels of lead exposure and those that are particularly at risk are pregnant women and small children as it can lead to infertility and miscarriage.

You don't need lead to make a red lip-stick - so why don't they get rid of it. It is said that in an average woman's lifetime they ingest four pounds of lipstick. They dye of the "henna" plant was used to redden lips in ancient times which sounds like a very good idea but if you want various shades the only good way is to use an organic lip-stick out of the Inika range and that way you know you are definitely putting something that's safe on your lips.

Lip-sticks usually contain three basic ingredients wax, oil and colourings which are blended together. It is the colourings that the main problems occur. Recent research has indicated that the chemicals in some lip-sticks actually interfere with the healthy development of breast tissue leading to breast cancer.

According to lead researcher Dr Jose Russo of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in America, neonatal or prepubertal exposure to butyl benzyl phthalate can induce modifications in the gene expression of the mammary tissue. He says, "BBP is in the environment, so a constant exposure via inhalation and digestion tract can reach many different organs, indirectly the breast".

A lip-stick can be used in a few different ways as a cream blusher, cheek stain and as an eye shadow. They can be kept in the fridge and applied with a lip brush will both extend it's life.

Inika Lipsticks do not use animals to test the products so no animals have been made to swallow lip-sticks to see if they are safe or have had lip cosmetics shoved into their eyes to see what it does to them. It makes sense to really consider what chemicals you are using in your lipstick and what the effects they have on your body.

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