MD Formulations Glycolic Peels

MD Formulations Glycolic Peels offer numerous benefits to anyone who want to visibly improve the appearance of their skin. We recommend that before you start your course of glycolic peels that you must use MD Formulations Glycolic based home care treatments for two weeks prior to your first MD Formulations glycolic peel.

You can choose between using MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Complex (recommended for more mature/drier skin types) or MD Formulations Continous Renewal Serum (recommended for oily/normal/combination/acne skin types).

Glycolic Peels, also known as AHA Fruit Peels are designed to accelerate the MD Formulations home skin care products. A course of six to ten weekly treatments will show greater results long term. You may have one-three courses a year for optimum results.

AHA products incorporated into your general facial treatments have been proven to improve the overall benefits of the facials.

MD Formulations Glycolic Peels are treatments that invisibly reduce the surface dead cell layers. Some clients may experience a mild tingling. Most people experience little or no sensation. All skin types will benefit from this peel.

Glycolic Peels in Perspective

Skin Improvement in terms of:-

  • Texture, colour, pore size, clarity and translucence
  • Increased skin thickness
  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis
  • Normalisation of skin function and metabolism

Glycolic Peel TreatmentIdeal skin refreshing treatment for face and body - all skin types

The first step to better skin starts with a serious skin care program. We recommend a course of six to ten glyolic peels (minimum three).

MD Formulations Glycolic Treatment enhances the results of the MD Formulations home skin care regimen by accelerating the removeal of the dry, thickeneed outer layer of the skin, while it deep cleanses and unclogs pores. An effective moisturiser, this extremely versatile professional treatment can be applied to your face, neck and body. You will experience clearer, softer and younger looking skin.

All clients should be using home care products for one to two weeks prior to the first glycolic peel. If you are wanting your neck area treated, ensure you extend your home care products to this area.

ContraindicationsHerpes LabialisRadiation TherapyInadequate photoprotectionHistory of keloidal scarringOpen woundsNeurotic exoriatorInflamed acne cystsRoaccutane and Retin-A use (within eight months)

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