Mineral Makeup – Why You Should Be Using This Natural Makeup Alternative

Mineral Makeup has actually been around for a long time, since the 1970’s and because of the cost of getting the minerals mainstream makeup companies used other ingredients in their formulations. It is only recently that mineral make-up has become very popular thanks to better ways of extracting minerals from the earth and South Australia has plenty of the minerals used in mineral make-up formulations today.

Why does every woman want to change to mineral makeup?

One of the great benefits of mineral make-up is it contains only minerals, you will find there is no preservatives in the formula, no talc, no oil, along with no fragrance. It’s great for anyone who has sensitive skin, and some mineral make-up ranges also have a natural spf factor included in their foundations, thanks to the zinc minerals. We find Inika Cosmetics a great mineral make-up range that also has certified organic mineral make-up products and certified vegan products in it makeup range.

Mineral Make-up gives a fantastic coverage to the skin,, without clogging the pores and without a thick heavy coverage, most mineral foundations are so weightless and light that you actually don’t know you wearing any. Mineral Make-up is great for anyone who likes a natural-enhanced look, but can’t bear to go without makeup. You will find soon enough that you will never go back to your traditional makeup again.

It’s quick and easy to apply, used by many celebrities and mineral make-up is the only makeup recommended using after microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing and chemical peels. You will find that mineral makeup is actually a lot more water resistant than traditional makeup, so when you shed a few tears, or even live in a tropical climate, you will find that minerals makeup will suit your skin better.

Make Sure You Check the Ingredients

Not every minerals make-up is created equal and it’s still advisable to check the label to make sure no added talc, artificial fragrances or colours are used and be careful of the way they are labelled for example the phrase “make up with added minerals” (gives you an illusion that it is mineral make-up).

One good thing about looking at the ingredients is that with the latest technology and the next evolution of mineral make-up you will find some mineral make-up brands adding antioxidants to the mineral makeup formula, to give your skin some skin care benefits with each application.

Priori Coffeeberry Perfecting Mineral Makeup is a new mineral make-up range from the founders of Priori that also have the added ingredient into the mineral makeup called Coffeeberry. Priori has a complete Priori Coffeeberry line of skin care products that give amazing results and the company has got the clinical papers to prove how effective there mineral make-up range is for improving and reducing fine lines, pigmentation, brightening and increasing hydration levels in the skin.

What You Need to Consider with Mineral Make-up

Mineral Make-up if you have never used it before is a rather strange process to apply to your skin until you get the hang of it. You apply the loose minerals with a brush and blend it to your skin, some mineral make-up brands like Inika suggest you apply minerals in small downwards strokes, while Bareminerals suggest that you actually swirl it into your skin. Either way will work, but the importance is really to warm up the minerals and blend the minerals into the brush so it can be applied to clean skin smoothly and evenly.

If applied correctly you will find that mineral make-up does not grab into wrinkles or fine lines, like traditional makeup can do. Mineral make-up the secret is to apply less of the product to your skin and apply in layers. When too many minerals are applied to your skin, you will get a heavy shine look and sometimes a cakey appearance.

I find if you apply a fine layer of minerals first, wait a few minutes while it warms up on your skin (you will actually find that it now looks more creamy on your face), if you then need to apply more, go ahead and apply more – a little at a time this technique will stop you from getting a greasy look, which has been a common problem for some women, not been shown correctly how to apply mineral makeup to their skin.

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