Dermalogica Face Mapping

What is Dermalogica Face Mapping?

Dermalogica Face MappingHave you ever wished you could get help with your skin? Dermalogica Face Mapping is a unique approach to your traditional skin analysis.

However with face mapping, you get a more thorough analysis of your skin, which not only dramatically enhances the effectiveness of your facial but you also get advise and guidance on dermalogica skin care products that are more targeted to your concerns and your skins needs, giving you better results.

Face Mapping is an advanced skin analysis technique using elements of Chinese Diagnosis, giving you an objective view of the condition of your skin.

Face mapping divides the face into fourteen zones, each zone is carefully analysed for potential problems and unique needs, this means with your dermalogica treatments you are going to get results targeted to your skin's needs each and every time (as your skin changes).

What is the difference between skin analysis and Face Mapping?

Face MappingThe traditional method of skin analysis looks at your skin in only general terms, i.e. dry skin, oily skin. Performed visually, rather than by touch, oil-fashioned skin analysis can only detect the most obvious skin symptoms.

Dermalogica Face Maps on the other hand, methodically covers the skin with both vision and touch and also focuses on educating you on how to look after your skin.

With the use of touch and dividing the face into fourteen sections, your skin care therapist can focus on specific skin care problems for each areas of your face, feel the problems areas i.e. heat from sensitivity and lumps from congestion.

This gives your skin care therapist a better, more focused idea on how to treat your skin, while experiencing your dermalogica facial, giving you exceptional results that a dermalogica facial can bring to your skin.

The perfect time to book your next professional Dermalogica skin treatment is now, get your skin feeling and looking better with expert guidance and treatments.

Have pressing skin care concerns that your current home regimen just won’t correct? Or maybe you need to find the perfect Dermalogica Solar Defense product just in time for the summer season.

No matter what your needs are, your professional skin therapist will create your customized skin treatment based on your Face Map zone-by-zone skin analysis to make sure you see visible results.

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