Now You Can Buy Dermalogica Online at Great Prices, From Our Award Winning Day Spa

Dermalogica Skin Care? Why is it so great? skin care Because together with the world's latest research and most innovative formulas available to skin care therapists and the advanced knowledge of skin care therapists is an unstoppable combination!

At Reflections we use Dermalogica skin care products, over the years we have seen excellent results in our client's skin, from the pains of acne, to sensitized skin, you see it's not actually just the products that you need to consider putting on your skin, but also the correct skin care advice.

The difference with our skin care products is the knowledge of the skin care therapists. If you go into a department store and tell the sales assistant your skin type and then they tell you the products you can use, you are really not getting the best for your skin.

Skin types is an age-old way of diagnosing the skin which was designed in the 1930's, and alot has changed since then.

We recommend that you have a face mapping analysis done with a skin care professional who can correctly diagnosis your skin conditions and prescribe accordingly you see not alot of people know the difference between dehydrated and dry skin or if their skin is really oily or if it's their make up or skin care routine that is making the oil flow. Not using the correct products on yourself can be more detrimental than not using anything!!!

Even dermalogica skin care used incorrectly for the incorrect skin conditions you will get no improvement at all, that is why a skin care professional makes all the difference and that is why there is not in-depth detail on the products labels and how to use them because a skin care professional will write it all down for you!

Your skin changes on a daily basis that is why having regular skin care treatments keeps your skin on the right track we can assess any changes and keep your skin looking good and in top condition! and designing a skin care program targeted to your specific needs.

We are proud of our training with the international dermal institute for skin care excellence, our therapists attend regularly to give you the up-to-date knowledge on skin concerns from ageing to menopausal skin care. In fact we are the only center in Adelaide to have the most highly qualified skin care therapists who have obtained the diploma in skincare from the international dermal institute.

Dermalogica also cares for the environment by making sure that all ingredients are from eco-safe sources and are packaged in recyclable containers and is never tested on animals!!!

Dermalogica skin care contains only the finest ingredients available, all products are non-comedogenic and contain no occlusive mineral oil or lanolin, no irritating artificial colors or fragrance and no drying S.D. alcohol or formaldehyde.

For Skin Care Advice please contact us or contact Dermalogica

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