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hydropeptideWant a skincare regimen that promises real results in the anti-aging arena? Hydropeptide is the latest innovation in anti-aging technology, with twenty one age-defying peptides for brighter, smoother and younger looking skin – no needles necessary!

This award-winning skin care line specialising in the most powerful anti-aging ingredients available (think peptides, growth factors and stem cell technology).

Although hydropeptide is comprised of all the latest innovations in anti-aging skin care, peptides are the main focus behind the range, but you will also find powerful ingredients such as lactic acid, glycolic acid, enzymes and hyaluronic acid.

Hydro-Peptide decided to focus on peptides as they are power packed and are proven to successfully treat a variety of skin concerns. They’re a big buzz word because they work; generating results and helping your skin look younger and behaving better.

Peptides are the building blocks of collagen and skin. Your skin is a complex network of structures that begin to crumble as you age. HydroPeptide’s peptides strengthen your skin’s foundation and allow your skin to restore its youthful qualities.

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This Age-Defying Skin Care Range takes the most advanced, scientifically proven skin care elements and simplifies your beauty routine, giving you everything you need to have beautiful, healthy, ageless skin.

They have combined the best of the best, by designing multi-functional power-packed skin care – meaning your get great results, quickly and easily, without spending too much time on your skin care regimen.

hydropeptide productsThe products incorporate the use of twenty one different peptides to rejuvenate your skin and what’s more fabulous is that they deliver results, winning more than ten beauty awards to date!

At Reflections we have been blown away with the amazing results of this professional skin care line (seeing instant skin-loving results), so we decided to add this anti-ageing result-driven line in our day spa.

hydropeptide facialWe are also looking forward to introducing to you the amazing advanced Hydro-Peptide Facials that give incredible instant results, that make you go WOW! - My Skin Looks Fabulous! :)

Peptides are the latest new ingredient technology to take the skin care world by storm, peptides are made up of amino acids, that are the building blocks of collagen and the skin.

With the 21 proven peptides used in the Hydro Peptide range, not only do you get peptides that help to plump and smooth out wrinkles, but also peptides working to help purify, revive, nourish, brighten, hydrate and protect the skin from free radicals.

This gives you amazing skin, that is more firmer, luminous, radiant and rejuvenated – all without the use of chemical peels, lasers or injectables (we love the muscle-relaxing peptides in the range!).

"Every single product feels fabulous, smells heavenly and gives an instant skin-excellent result, from the divine "anti-ageing-feels-like-it-does-something-cleanser" to the high-end collagen boosting lip plumper, every product works and feels good and feels like it's working on the skin - we've never seen anything like before".

Anybody who is seriously concerned with anti-ageing skin care, will love this range of advanced skin care products, created by the expert Dr Louise Peck - who states that "Peptides applied topically to the skin are capable of acting as signaling molecules within the skin and are a critical element to any beauty regimen".

Learn More About HydroPeptide Skin Care - Watch the Video Below

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There are many different types of collagen in our skin and peptides are able to interact with these different types of collagen. Peptides are used to help signal the skin to act in a healthier way.

Fabulous Skin With Peptides

Hydropeptide uses second generation peptides, which has shown greater results than the original peptides formulated, when peptides were launched, peptides are also stable, they are formulated to be able to penetrate the skin.

Hydropeptide uses many peptides, to interact with different types of collagen, to signal collagen/elastin formation, to inhibit certain functions (i.e. wrinkle relaxers), and to allow greater penetration of the active ingredients.

Not only do you find peptides in this range, but they also use other new skin care technology ingredients such as growth factors, stem cells and proteins. The peptides used in Hydro-peptide are at a percentage are at a clinical strength to give you real results.

Plus you will be glad to know that the hydropeptide products are all paraben free, phthalate free, cruelty free and synthetic fragrance free.

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