Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Adelaide - Fast, Pain-Free and Affordable

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Adelaide - At Last, the hi-tech, no-pain, permanent reduction hair removal treatment for the body and face that's no longer for the rich and famous!

NEW, Fast, Zero Pain Hair Removal!

    NO PAIN!
    NO Pimples!
    NO Ingrown Hairs!
    No More Shaving or Waxing!
    Your Treated Hair Never Grows Back!
    NO Downtime!
    And Best of All it's Finally Affordable!

For many years women (and men) have battled in vain against unwanted hair.

Waxing sure it works - temporarily - but of course it's painful, the hair always grows back, and after each treatment you're often left with unsightly redness, even those awful pimples for days!

BUT NOT WITH OUR Intense Pulsed Light!

We are so pleased to be able to finally offer intense pulse light hair removal adelaide - a completely pain-free solution to hair removal. Never again suffer the pain, inconvience, discomfort, embarrassment of waxing.

What is Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal?

Intense Pulse Light hair removal adelaideWith intense pulse light hair removal, we can treat large areas of the body in a short amount of time. This is definitely a better way than electrolysis, as this works on the individual hair follicle - Definitely not suited for large areas! too time consuming.

But with this new treatment technology you can actually eliminate unwanted hair on a good candidate after only 8 - 10 treatments minimum(good candidate black hair and fair skin type)in the average case.

The actual intense pulse light actually is attracted to the colour of the hair follicles and gently heats up the hair follicle and destroys it so that hair follicle cannot grow again. But it will only destroy the hair follicles in the 'growing stage' of the hair growth cycles, at any particular time you will have about 10% in this stage, this is why you need multiple treatments.

Becuase the intense pulse light is attracted to the hair colour - it will not remove hairs that are white, grey or light blonde hair -there is simply not enough colour pigment there to absorb the pulsed light.

One of the great things about intense pulse hair removal adelaide is that once you have had the treatment that's it that hair follicle will never grow back! - But we cannot say it is permanent (in fact no one can - and be wary of other people saying it can - because the FDA has not approved anybody to say this!)

The reason why is that hormones, medication, stress and other factors can make your body produce new hair follicles or stimulate dormant hair follicles underneath your skin. So for this reason we cannot say it is permanent - but we find that renewed hair growth is minimal and not as many treatments are needed to keep you hair free if you find you need to treat any new hair growth.

hair freeWhen you consider the time it takes you to shave your legs, have waxing done, use hair removal creams, with the knowledge that this hair is going to grow back! - you can see why having this hair removal treatment is the way to go and getting more and more popular.

We asked our regular waxing customers why they don't have intense pulse light hair removal and there response was the cost. That's why we have been searching for an affordable machine with great results and is practically painless! to give you the best prices, best results and that anybody can afford.

Check Out Our Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Prices So Contact us today for great hair removal treatments that are fairly priced, pain-less procedure and a better way to remove unwanted hair

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