Oxygen Facial - The Secret Beauty Treatment of Movie Stars

oxygen facial adelaideLook amazing at every age with our oxygen facial (oxygen-glow). If you want to have glowing movie-star complexion this is your must have facial!

Did you know, as you get older less and less oxygen is absorbed by your skin? It's true. By the time your are nearly pushing 30, your skin cells will be starved of oxygen by up to 70%, and as the years go by less and less oxygen is being transported to your cells.

And imagine for a minute being deprived of oxygen. Without oxygen your lungs can't breathe...your heart can't beat…your muscles can’t move...and your brain can't think.

Likewise when your skin can't get enough oxygen, it cries for help! Your pores enlarge to get a breathe. Your skin breaks out to flush away toxins. Free radicals are created in your skin causing damage! Collagen and elastin the fibers that hold your skin together break down and you wrinkle and you age!

It's upsetting enough that oxygen absorption decreases with age…but most cosmetics make it worse by blocking whatever oxygen is trying to get into your skin! This combination rapidly makes your skin break out, irritate, wrinkle and age. Dehydration kicks in, making your skin rougher, flaky and more likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles.

But now for the good news!

oxygen facialThere's an almost secret anti-ageing treatment previously made available only to the stars... Have you seen Sandra Sully's skin lately? She looks great! And to avoid being a wrinkled mess, stars use every means possible to keep their skin from showing the signs of ageing. So when Australian Celebrities have facials what do they choose? The answer is an oxygen facial that's why they have dewy glowing skin 24/7.

Our oxygen facial is an all round complexion reviver. After a deep cleansing, smoothing exfoliation, cool compress and power vitamin masque massage, high doses of pure oxygen are saturated onto your skin through a customised blend of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins including A, C and E, all in a effort to rapidly revitalise and reenergize your tired, aging, lacklustre skin.

When the cocktail of 180 million particles a second of pure oxygen and potent vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and essential minerals is pumped deep into your skin pore-by-pore, it feels like a fine cold kind of tickly sensation, it is like your skin cells are little tyres and the sweet smelling stream of oxygen pumps them up and cleans them out. As the oxygen enters the deeper layers at a cellular level, it bonds to red blood cells, providing additional strength to the collagen and elastin fibres, which improves the elasticity of your skin.

oxygen facial girlSeriously, If you are thinking that the get-up-and-go in your skin has got-up-and-gone, you really need to give the oxygen facial a try - it is like a light bulb has been turned on, underneath your skin and you have this incredible glow!!!, a celebrity skin trick favorite!

The treatment intensely hydrates the skin's deeper layers, resulting in a more rejuvenated, radiant and youthful complexion. Breathing new life into tired, dull skin while drenching your skin with freshness and intense hydration (a drink for your skin).

With the oxygen facial, almighty vitamin C, potent vitamin E (just 1 drop of this stuff is equivalent to 30 vitamin E capsules and we use 3 drops!) and extreme hydration pumped back into your skin, means more energy to keep your cells functioning like the cells on a 'fresh-face' and to keep your skin functioning like it's young. Because of this you will see visible results in fine lines and wrinkles instantly. It's like nights of too little sleep and days of too much tension are being sprayed away, it is an instant pick-me-up, pumping lines and wrinkles from the inside out.

So many celebrities have this treatment because it temporarily diminishes all the tiny imperfections that would otherwise be visible on high-definition TV!

Your skin will 'glow'…like a rosy glow of a baby. It has an immediate effect, giving you a dewy glow-all-over complexion, reviving lacklustre skin in a heartbeat and injecting moisture into the deeper layers of your skin. You get this rosy glow due to the rapid delivery of oxygen and nutrients into your skin and your skin will actually improve over the next 24-48 hours, as the collagen and elastin get kick started and the oxygen does it deeper cellular level work.

Your skin will become nice and firm after the treatment, although it will feel and look moist to touch. This 'tight' sensation indicates that the oxygen and other ingredients have effectively reached the cells and are beginning the process of nourishing and revitalising your skin pore by pore.

Shimmering Skin that “Glows”
glowing oxygen facial skinThis oxygen facial is ideal for blushing brides, anyone who is pushing thirty or who just cannot pin point why they don't look as lively in family photos these days. Anyone who wants to give there skin a boost and want an instant fresh healthy glow. Anyone with sallow, tired, partied-out, aged and dull skin that wants to breath new life into their skin, combat fine lines and make your skin look better instantly.

If you suffer with broken, thickened capillaries on your face you really need to have this oxygen facial! As thickened capillaries means less blood supply, which starves the cells of oxygen and causes their metabolism to slow down. If the sun has damaged your skin, or you smoke, the capillaries thicken even more!

A lack of oxygen results in pre-mature aging of the skin. Infact studies have shown that with less oxygen levels the skin on the face can no longer retain it's healthy and young appearance.

In order to receive the best of the best results for your oxygen facial and to top up your levels of oxygen into your cells, for an all out long-lasting glow, We recommend four treatments a month for the first month, three treatments a month for the second, two treatments a month for the third month and then one every 4 weeks is recommended. Your skin will look more alive than it has in the past few years!

Prepare for compliments as your partner, friends and family want to know what you have been doing to get your skin looking so good.

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