Pedicures Adelaide – Why Every Woman Should Experience a Pedicure – The Ultimate Skin-Smoothing Treat

pedicures adelaide Pedicures Adelaide - We Can Pamper Your Feet!

If your feet are going to be exposed and be the centre of attention, such as when you go on holiday, during sandal season, getting married or you’ve just bought a killer set of heels – this is the time when you should be getting a pedicure –

it will transform any tired, (stand on my feet all-day), cracked feet into “SPECTACULAR” Jewels and You Show You Can “SHOW YOUR TOES” With Confidence

spa pedicure A pedicure is great for keeping your feet and toe nails in great condition, in fact it’s a total foot makeover treatment from your toes up to your knees and an ideal way to relieve exhausted feet, callus build-up and ingrown toe nails (not to mention getting your toes and heels looking hot for summer).

Our Oh-la-la fancy feet treatments massage away stress in your legs, relieve exhausted feet and is a divine way for some r and r (rest and relaxation) after standing on your feet all day – you are so going to love our pedicures,

especially when you read about how you can have pedicures outside by the pool, in our tranquil pedicure-paradise area!

At Pedicures Adelaide, We believe everybody’s feet are special and are not spoiled enough like the rest of our bodies. We take on average 8,000 steps a day! Is it worth spending a little time on pampering your toes?
a pedicure does wonders for your feet

Don't be embarrassed on the next warm day in Adelaide, when the sun is shining and you go to put on your new set of “killer-sandals” – and get that – Ahhh! Look at My Feet Feeling!

Wouldn't you rather Step out into Summer with the Confidence of knowing your feet LOOK ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS?

We take Your Health and Our Hygiene Seriously
You will be glad to know that we have regular health and safety checks (and pass with flying colours) and go above and beyond with our level of hygiene for you. Pedicures Adelaide Treatments - We always use a fresh set of implements that are clean and disposable single use items (where possible) which you take home after use. We don't use blades on your feet (we have better alternatives) and the special callus remover implements, designed to remove every inch of dead skin build we use, always have a brand new, disposable attachment on them. Not to mention simple basics, such as washing of hands before and after treatments.

You will find that with our pedicures adelaide treatments we don’t use those whirlpool pedicure chairs/baths, according to The Centre of Disease Control, if the filters are not cleaned after each use they can cause infections. You will be glad to know we use a more hygienic alternative to soak your feet.

We use belava pedicure single-use liners that are thrown out after every use, so you can sit back, relax and truly enjoy your pedicure experience with us (in fact keep on reading, just how you can tailor-make your level of relaxation). Your comfort and safety is very important to us. See, Feel and Smell the Difference Right Away
The spa pedicure products we use combine natural ingredients including honey, pure sugar, fruit acids, anti-oxidants, skin repairing conditioners and natural herbs to deliver dramatic results, aromatherapy and a total sensory-overload ‘out-of-this-world’ experience.

Plus we let you choose your pedicure aroma for a sensory experience,

pedicure spa is so relaxing take your pick from:-

  • vanilla + wild plum - sweet and feminine, fruity fusion
  • lime zest - excite your senses with this invigorating aroma
  • mandarin + honey – soothes and awakens a perfectly refreshing scent

How Would You Like Your Pedicure Today? Pedicures Adelaide - We understand that everybody has different tastes and ways to be pampered, that’s why we thought we would give you the choice how you would like your pedicure, some people like to chit-chat with their beauty therapist during their treatment and that’s fine with us, others like to chill out and relax and enjoy their special quiet time, so we thought it would be rather nice to let you decide.

You can take your pick from:-

  • spa-side pedicure* (weather permitting) – you can have your pedicure outside, in our tranquil private, outdoor pool and spa area, listening to the birds, waterfall and music, while enjoying your pedicure outside.
  • chair-side pedicure* (traditional pedicure) - enjoy your pedicure in your own private room, with comfortable chair, candle-light, aromatherapy oils and soothing music
  • bed-side pedicure* (total bliss pedicure) – gown-up, lie-back and relax in our comfy beds, so you can drift off…while we lower the lights, and gently apply an aromatherapy wheat compress to your eyes, and work on your feet.*Not all pedicures can be done like this, and choices only available at our blackwood salon.

We Can Help You Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready With Our Specially Designed Pedicures, That Make Your Feet Look and Feel Great!

Get ready to spoil your feet (or a loved one's) with our selection of luxurious pedicures below. You Will Find Nothing Else Like These to Make Your Feet Look and Feel Toe-Riffic!

Princess Pedicure - The Ultimate Pedicures Adelaide Experience
adelaide pedicures You’re the lady that has everything and desires the very best life can offer. From top-to-toe you want to experience a truly royal combination of treatments that you desire.

This is the choice of pedicure for those in-the-know, the ones that want and deserve an outright luxurious treat for the feet. That want to “keep up appearances” and keep their feet looking good and not feeling the effects of aging. For the Fancy. For the ones who love “white-glove-service”, this is the pedicure with that special je ne sais quoi!

adelaide's most indulgent pedicureBlissful. Peaceful. Unhurried. That’s what you will feel like when you start your experience with our sumptuous back massage to set you off on the right track. You can’t enjoy a treatment to it’s fullest, without being in the right frame-of-mind and this one-of-a-kind massage promises to give you deep relaxation in minutes! We use an exclusive aromatic precious balm, it’s the very best that science and nature have to offer. This warm lush balm has an amazing scent that goes beyond the senses, it really is the best of the best to massage you with. You’re then ready to experience your princess pedicure..your little piece of heaven….

The Cleopatra Inspired Ritual Warm Foot Bath – It’s Unbelievably Good. The ancients new a thing or two about beauty and Cleopatra kept her looks in check by bathing in milk bathes. Fresh Honey, Wild Ginger, Steaming Milk, this exclusive blend that surrounds your feet in pure comfort and total relaxation. Great for Cleopatra. Exceptional for You.

pedicure heavenThere is nothing more satisfying than the delight of sheer, irresistibly soft feet and with our deluxe triple-treat exfoliation technique; you will experience velvety-softness. We use an enhanced glycolic scrub that glides through dead skin cells. We then apply a professional grade anti-aging peel (that normally costs way over $100.00 just to have this treatment on your face!), this luxurious, deeply exfoliating treatment will make your feet look younger and fresher, remove that “not-so-lady-like” callus build-up on your feet, and we finish off the three-step process with tidying up any hard-to-budge areas on the feet, that need attention (The glow you get from this three-step process leaves your skin with a natural, luminous shimmer).

But we still care about the basics, so your toes and nails will get impeccable attention to detail with nail filing, cleaning and shaping, toe-nail clipping if necessary, cuticles tidied and nicely hydrated, to make your toes look princess worthy and as good as they can look, when wearing your very best show-off sandals with toes to match.

Indulge in outright luxury, while you experience the finest leg and foot massage, using our lush aromatic balm, this highly-pleasurable sensation, soothes aches and pains and makes you feel, sinfully good. After your massage, we then take it one step further by enhancing it with lashings of the high-end and delightfully decadent anti-aging body lotion to your feet and legs, as only the best will do, your feet and legs will look amazing.

Who doesn’t love Gold? Gold has some wonderful beneficial properties for the skin, we apply precious 24k gold leaf to your feet, this is seriously for those who appreciate quality, as the gold has not only grand anti-ageing properties, it has amazing brightening properties, with it’s golden luminosity and superior finish.

beautiful looking feet at beauty salon adelaideComfort and luxury is combined with this extravagant classic heat-conditioning foot treatment that infuses in all of the high-end ingredients deep into your feet, while invigorating and soothing, leaving them feeling amazingly soft. Plus while you are nice and cosy, you’ll enjoy a dreamy hand and arm massage all the way to your elbows leaving you with velvety smooth hands.

We then create your “perfect-ten” using the very latest in nail technology, you can choose from the shellac (up-to-14-days) pedicure, or the zoya natural nail polish range and you get to keep the nail polish. Our exclusive princess pedicure experience is for someone that deserves and wants a luxurious white-glove treatment and wants an affordable extravagance. For a lady that shows the world she is a true princess and demands the finest things in life.

Gift Voucher AdelaideTreatment Time 2 hours $249
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'Love Me Slender' Detox Pedicure
detox pedicure If your feeling a little sluggish, tired, slow and toxic, this is your perfect pedicure pick! We start by removing those accumulated toxins from your body with a foot detoxing soak, helping to depuff any swollen areas (infact you may find you actually lose weight from this - as some clients have told us!) After a refreshing hot towel soak, it's off to work we go, by shaping, preening and pruning your toes, so they start to look and feel toe-rrific. Next you receive a luxourious Himalayan Salt Glow, these incredible salts go to work at smoothing, slendering and slimming your legs and helping to reduce stagnant fluids that are accountable for those lumps and bumps we wish we could forget, not forgetting to mention that your legs and feet will be incredible smooth and soft to touch. We then apply our secret 'dimple demolishing cream' that targets stubborn fatty areas on your legs, and finish off your feet with some light hydration, plus includes a professional nail paint.

Gift Voucher AdelaideTreatment Time 60 minutes $100
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Paradise Pedicure (Perfect if you are 'past-due' for some pedi pampering)
hot stone pedicure

Have you ever experienced heaven on earth? Are you ready for something different….Imagine this, your feet are placed in a soothing tropically fragrant warming foot soak, that’s just perfect for relieving those aches and pains from a hard day’s work. As your feet relax in the warm, comforting soak, the gentle vibrations of the foot bath massage away stress….and soothes sore muscles.

Next the lights are dimmed, you're draped on our blissfully comfortable spa beds, with fresh fluffy towels, a lavender scented wheat pillow, that gives you the just right amount of comfort on your stomach, and as you lie there in the comfortable contours of the bed, you slowly start to drift, but wait it get’s better…..Your trained beauty professional, gets you to take some deeply relaxing inhalation breaths of pure aromatherapy oils to get you into that zone and start your journey on deep stress relief.

Your face is cleansed and then get ready for some regenerating red light therapy, which we call “the miracle light” but it does wonders, the warm inviting light, which is placed over your face, helps to increase the hydration levels in your skin, minimises fine lines and gives your skin an over-all rejuvenation to anyone’s lack-lustre complexion – a brand new you!

relaxing beauty pedicureAs you close your eyes, you’re in paradise, in fact the feeling you get from this lamp is like lying on a beach, with the warm sun rays on your skin (but it’s totally good for you), you’ll experience an overwhelming sense of relaxation.

While you are relaxing in total comfort…a luxuriously rich exfoliation is applied to your feet and legs - Gentle as an ocean breeze… warm, fluffy steam towels are used to cleanse your skin while you, feel the cares of the day fade away. Your skin is left feeling so good to touch, while having removed rough, dry patches from your feet and that great silky, smooth legs feeling.

A warm irresistible melt-in-the-hands balm is applied to your legs and feet, with the fragrant hint of sandalwood, lavender and neroli to enhance relaxation and we add hot stones for pure pleasure! The Aroma Balm and hot stones work together, dissolving away tension, there’s no feeling in the world like it. You’ll never be in a more relaxed state, as the “clink” of the stones, massages your upper and lower legs and feet, taking away those aches and pains. As well as the incredible relaxation power of the stones, our massage movements are designed to relax you, does wonders for feet that have been standing all day as you feel the Cares of the Day Fade Away.

With the Power of the Hot Stones, Satisfying Touch of Your Beauty Therapist and that Warm, Comforting Glow of the Miracle Light Therapy – You Just Feel So Good. It’s Addictive. In fact this treatment can only be described as breath taking.

pedicure experience adelaideAfter you’ve enjoyed the tranquil beauty of your treatments, we then apply a deeply-penetrating paraffin masque to your feet that incredibly softens and energises – the ultimate indulgence for tired feet. While your feet are experiencing some heat conditioning therapy, you’ll receive a Simply Unforgettable Aromatherapy Neck and Shoulder Massage, you couldn’t be more comfortable, with combined heated feet – Offering you that combined one of a kind comfort.

Complete the ‘holiday experience’ with lashings of sunset-kissed summer glow body lotion, for that healthy natural glow and indulge your senses with the heavenly aroma. Plus we still care about the basics, your toe nails will be trimmed and shaped, your cuticles tidied and your toe nails painted to perfection. Plus you can take the bottle of nail polish with you, as our gift to you (if you don’t want your nails to be painted, we will extend the massage time).

Add a dose of tranquilly to your life, with this all-season pedicure experience, a luxury that’s in reach. Our Paradise Pedicure offers that one of a kind feeling, 90 minutes of pure pleasure – you have just Gotta Have it! At just $197 and Valued at over $282.00 this is for anyone who wants total pampering – without the holiday!

Gift Voucher AdelaideTreatment Time 90 minutes $197
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Walking on Sunshine Pedicure - (get your baby feet back)
beauty spa adelaide treatment If you are suffering from that "Ahh no way I'm going to expose my feet to the world feeling" then you need this pedicure! A softening foot soak to soften even the most hardest skin, ragged cuticles softened, buffed and shaped, then the ULTIMATE CALLUS ZAPPER treatment! - leaving you with brand new baby soft feet - no more cracked heels guaranteed! Calluses are removed before your very eyes no more crispy, cracked heels, watch as the callus drops off! After all that buffing, receive an exclusive hot creme 'foot massage' - nothing better after being on your feet all day, to have someone slowly massage your aching'll be walking on air! Next a divine paraffin moisture-drenching infusion heat treatment - your feet will look and feel like Cinderella's slippers - and the grand finale - painted toes! If you seriously want to make your feet look good - this is the only way you can drastically change them.

Gift Voucher AdelaideTreatment Time 60 minutes $85
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Five Star Pedicure
manicure and pedicure Get ready for five-star foot pampering! Foot softening aromatherapy soak, lavish foot exfoliation, including removing dead skin cell build up on your feet, leaves your feet feeling silky soft - your softest feet yet! Nails and cuticles filed to perfection, a luxurious foot massage and lashings of foot softening hydration applied and to finish polish-perfection painting! A popular pedicures adelaide pick!

Gift Voucher AdelaideTreatment Time 45 minutes $65
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Express Pedicure
day spa pedicure adelaide The quick fix for shapely toes, silky towel-steamed feet, pruned cuticles and polished toes. Plus an amazing foot massage (we actually massage your feet with an intensive thick and creamy foot lotion, with an amazing aroma that not only smells great but works hard to leave your feet feeling incredibly silky smooth. A great pedicures adelaide treament for those short on time.

Gift Voucher AdelaideTreatment Time 30 minutes $50
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