Why does HydroPeptide use Peptides?

Peptides are the main focus in the HydroPeptide skin care range, although you will find the products also contain other anti-aging ingredients such as growth factors, stem cells, glycolic acid and lactic acid (just to name a few).

Peptides are what HydroPeptide is really passionate about because they are proven to work on a variety of different skin care concerns; they give great results and help to strengthen your skin.

HydroPeptide actually use a total of 21 proven-peptides so far in the skin care range to help rejuvenate your skin. Thanks to them, HydroPeptide have managed to win many beauty awards, because the products deliver amazing results.

"The word peptide comes from the greek word “Pepsis”- which means digestion. When a protein is digested, it forms a peptide. The body can easily recognise peptides when applied topically."

HydroPeptide is actually the first skin care company to include a peptide in all their products, yes, even the HydroPeptide Cleanser has peptides in it.

If you are concerned about ageing and the onset of wrinkles, you should know that the loss of collagen is one of the main causes of wrinkle development. There are actually 29 different types of collagen. Many skin care brands only work on one type of collagen improvement.

A good skin care range for anti-ageing will make use of increasing different types of collagen to get a better result. You will be glad to know that HydroPeptide Products do work on different types of collagen and the network of collagen structures in the skin. Peptides originally were derived from yeast and were initially used in the 1930’s to help with wound healing, they are also derived from rice, cotton, wheat and many other plant forms.

Peptides are becoming more and more popular in skin care because of their ease of use, there safety, can be used with other skin care ingredients such as retinol or glycolic acid and because of the small particle size of peptide's, they are able to penetrate better into the skin.

Peptides are still relatively new to the skin care world and now second and third generation peptides have been developed, showing even better results than the original peptides and not forgetting that peptides, as they are created in a laboratory are more stable.

What can Peptides Do?

There are many different types of peptide's and HydroPeptide use for different types such as signal peptides – which are responsible for collagen production, muscle/wrinkle relaxation peptides to give a botox-like effect, carrier peptide's to allow greater delivery into the skin and enzyme inhibitor peptides – which work to brighten and help to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

There are many different anti-ageing ingredients that have come and gone in the skin care industry but peptides are here to stay and will become more and more popular as time goes by and the peptides are developed further into super advanced ingredients. We are in an exciting era, where there is still so much more that can be done with peptides, that will help improve the skin like never before.

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