Spray Tan Adelaide - Do You Want the Sexiest Tan Possible? That Leaves Your Skin Gleaming, Radiant and Out-of-This-World? Then Read On...

spray tan adelaideEverybody Knows That When You've Got a Tan You Feel Sexier and You Look Sexier and it's Even Said That You Look Slimmer Too!

We use an ......

While you skin is nourished and moisturised with an infusion of pure botanical ingredients, a natural tan is rapidly achieved. So you can happily accept that impromptu invitation tonight!

If cellulite, freckles or blemishes on your skin annoy you, its' great to know that spray tans with their instant tanning benefits can help to camouflage freckles, blemishes, lessen the look of cellulite and blend in tan lines. In fact our spray tans are so popular, men are starting to get on the act too! We even have a specially designed spray tan solution, just for men, with an ash based bronzer and a masculine sandalwood scent. spray tan for formals adelaide

7 Reasons to Choose Naked Tan

  • Organic DHA, NO Parabens, NO Alcohol and is Odour-Free

  • A gorgeous shade available to suit every skin type! Sensational BROWN colour – NOT orange!

  • Original Wash n Wear in TWO HOURS for maximum colour – NOT Eight Hours!

  • Quick Drying in Two Minutes, Not Sticky or Tacky!

  • A divine Coconut and Vanilla Bean Summer Scent

  • No damage to the skin from harmful UV rays!

The Goddess Bronze is my ultimate party pal at any time, and especially when the silly season hits! Thanks to the added shea butter and aloe vera, you can instantly feel how nourishing this instant tan is for your skin. The colour is equally divine as the texture, providing a subtle bronze glow that looks like you’ve been amazingly sun kissed. Smells nice too! – Beauty Heaven

Bronze Goddess Organic Golden Spray Tan

spray tanning lineYour bronze goddess spray tan experience includes the luxury of waiting only TWO HOURS - NOT EIGHT! for the organic spray tan solution to be showered off. Your spray tan technician will advise you what will be the best natural colour to go with four gorgeous shades to choose from, to suit your complexion - that leaves no orange hue, a natural sheen and leaves you looking drop-dead gorgeous and fantastic. Your sprayed in your own private custom-designed tanning room, from head-to-toe. We will provide you with disposable underwear and custom spray your body, to your perfection. You can let your spray tan technician know if you have any particular areas you want to concentrate on, to give you more coverage if needed, and you can check your happy with the tan.

Treatment Time 15 minutes $38Gift Voucher Adelaide

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We Think You Deserve to Have the Very Best Spray Tan Experience and That Perfect Golden Tan!

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"Must-Do" Tips to Get That Gorgeous “Just Got off the Beach” Natural Tanned Look


Spray Tan Adelaide Tips

  • Exfoliate your body with the Naked Tan Body Polish (especially concentrating on your elbows, knees and heels). It helps your spray tan spread better and develops evenly!

  • Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 12 hours before

  • To prevent creating a barrier, don’t apply product containing actives, petroleum based lotions, oils or essential oils.

  • Moisturise the day/night before to prepare the skin – with Naked Tan Crème de la Crème. This will hydrate the skin and prepare it to receive an even gorgeous looking spray tan.

  • Couture: Wear loose, dark coloured casual clothing – cotton fabric is the best choice to your spray tan appointment or to change into afterwards to avoid excess tan rubbing onto your clothes.

Now That You Have Your Sexy, Natural, Looking Tan - Make Sure You Follow These Easy and Fast "Must-Do" After Care Tips For the Full "Bronze Goddess" Experience


Spray Tan Adelaide Tips After Care

  • Wash off your spray tan after the TWO HOURS time frame with Naked Tan Body Cleanser. Being SLS free and containing no harsh chemicals, you'll wash away the day and not your tan!

  • Don't do the dishes or strenuously exercise in the initial two hour developing time. So simply relax....

  • Do not keep the tan on for longer than 4 hours, otherwise it could affect the colour. The organic spray tan we use, will actually keep continuing to develop into a deeper tan long after the bronzer has been washed off, in fact up to 12 hours! The Naked Tanning Solution reacts rapidly with the skin's epidermis to deliver an even natural tan. That's the true luxury of quality ingredients!

    Adelaide Spray Tans

  • Avoid long soaks in the bathtub. Quick showers are best. Every time you expose your body to water, spray tans will fade.

  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! We cannot emphasise this enough. To stop your spray tan from fading and lasting longer, apply Naked Tan Crème de la Crème Organic Shea every day to keep your spray tan even and long lasting. It's made from African Shea Butter blended with certified organic oils, silk amino and calendula. You feel divine, as you experience the silky softness that gives a longer lasting gorgeous tan.

  • Apply Naked Tan Goddess Glaze gradual tan to build and extend the longevity of your tan.

  • Use the NEW Naked Tan Bronzing Mousse or Goddess Bronze for a darker, deeper tan. Use alone or over a spray tan.

  • Highlight your inner sparkle with the Naked Tan Goddess Shimmer, transforming you into a goddess who will shimmer every time and gives your skin a radiant and beautiful glimmer.

Yep, If You Want That Perfect, Natural Looking Tan, Better Book into Reflections Spray Tan Adelaide!
The Home of the Perfected Spray Tan

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